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Graduate Profile: Jessica Edel, Women’s Volleyball

Jessica Edel is finishing on top. Though she is saddened by the loss of 2020-21 season the native of Morris, Manitoba is incredibly grateful for her time as a Blazer. She was able to make a significant contribution to her team's success on the court and she finished her career with an MCAC Women's Volleyball Championship last February.

We had a chance to catch up with the 5'10 right side to talk about her four prolific years at CMU:

Q: What things impacted your decision when you chose to come to CMU?

JE: My decision to attend CMU after high school graduation was based on my dream of pursuing volleyball competitively at the next level. I only planned on attending CMU for two years max and then to transfer to another University. Looking back, I truly fell in love with the CMU campus, community, staff and the overall atmosphere. I am so glad to be graduating from such an amazing school.

Q: What have you enjoyed most about being a student-athlete?

JE: The biggest thing I enjoyed while being a student-athlete at CMU was the athletics community. Regardless of what sport you participated in, there was always so much support from all students. Being a part of a team provides an immense amount of support, care, love and accountability that created lifelong friendships.

Q: What is the most challenging aspect of being a student-athlete?

JE: The most challenging aspect of being a student-athlete is learning time management. In order to succeed both on the court and in the books, it is essential to plan time wisely. My first year, I definitely learned this the hard way but can now say I have mastered the quality of time management.

Q: What advice would you give to players representing CMU in the women’s volleyball program next season?

JE: Truly enjoy each and every moment on the court. Reflecting on this past year and the pandemic, you really do not know how fortunate you are until you cannot do what you love anymore.

Q: When your time as a student-athlete ends, what would you like your legacy to be?

JE: Now that my time as a student-athlete is coming to an end, I would love my legacy to remind individuals to always show love and respect on and off the court while working your absolute hardest. Even in something as simple as running lines, run your absolute hardest and the work pays off in the long run. When you work hard in practice, it truly makes the biggest impact in games.

Q: What does the future hold for you after graduation?

JE: My plan is to go back to school and either pursue programs in Education or Athletic Therapy. My time as a student-athlete will sadly come to an end and now I will strictly focus on my studies.

Q: What has been one of the biggest lessons that you have learned on your journey at CMU?

JE: Two of the biggest lessons that I have learned on my journey at CMU is qualities of leadership and confidence. In my first year, I had a hard time believing I was truly good enough to compete at the next level for volleyball.  However, with the encouragement of my teammates and coaches, I was able to persevere and grow into the leader I am today. When I reflect on who I was before CMU, I feel like an entirely new player as I am now able to see what they saw in me all along. I could not thank my teammates and coaches enough for how much they have taught me that has grown me into the player and overall person I am today. I will never forget my time at CMU as it was 4 of the best years in my life.


We asked women's volleyball head coach, Jayme Menzies to share a reflection on her graduating athlete;

"I have had the privilege of observing Jessica’s growth as an athlete for the past nine years. She was determined to be great since day one and I can unequivocally attest that she has reached that status. Her vertical, her power, her passion, and her intelligence, all neatly packaged with humility, will certainly see her remembered as one of the CMU greats.

Jessica’s absence will be felt beyond the technical and tactical of sport. Our captain’s energetic, friendly, and positive spirit ensure that those around her feel supported and cared for. Jessica's passion for health and fitness is contagious and thus, her teammates are encouraged to strive as well. She is thoughtful, self-reflective, and always taking steps to improve on and off the court.

Jessica’s next venture is very fortunate to have her." – Jayme Menzies, head coach

CMU Athletics would like to extend our congratulations to Jessica Edel for all her volleyball and scholastic accomplishments during her time at CMU and to thank her for the legacy of excellence and the example of leadership she has left on the Women's Volleyball program. The Blazers plan to recognize Jessica's accomplishments along with other graduating volleyball athletes, more formally at their opening home matches of the 2021-22 MCAC season.

Congratulations Jessica!


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